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Continue in Orissa

Here I am , in my own Place, in my own vicinity, looking confused, thinking in the mist of options and still on my way to the ultimate Goal of archiving something near my parents at my Home. Sounds almost wired and foolish for the most who know me, yeah this is the first step I have to take I have to Consume .  It was Since August 2005 when i Resigned from Jasubhai Digital Media , The hunger to do something of my own , something I loved and the willingness to be in the sight of my Parents, my Home and My Village.

Since August 2005 , the most dramatic and the eventful happenings were gone, I joined Jitu(My best Friend) for a vision which will change many aspects of Indian Software growth, individually and thoughtfully. Vision of Jitu and the association with the team that He had developed is worth excelling. From the bits and bytes of his experience and the smartness is capturing the current technological advancement has really boosted my moral. In these 2 years of my association I rejected nearly 15 – 20 Job offers including the lucrative ones from CNBC , Zee Comunications, i Flex technologies, Kanbay, Lion Bridge, Yahoo India, IDG and Oracle University.  Reasons not to Join anyone, To continue developing Skills that make my brain fluid lite and to be with the vision of Jitu.

Now in my native place Kadampara, Orissa I am experiencing the toughest test .Slow Internet and Phone Connectivity, heavy load of internal works, responsibilities multiplied . As the toughness goes on I am getting more and more optimistic on the venture , on the Vision to do work simultaneously from here.

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The USE INTERNET EXPLORER U DOPE popup with the text “I DNT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE..” is a registry malware named as w32.USBWorm, which could be delete and solved by the Following Process.

Remember : The Virus spread through the USB Pen Drive. So delete any .exe file and the autorun.inf file from the Pen Drive.

= open the Task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL , go to the Processes Tab
= Sort the image name Column so that you can find multiple svchost.exe, look for the ones which have your username and delete those ones.
= go to Start –> Run and type C:\heap41a –> This is a hidden folder by the virus –> delete all the files under this folder
– Now type Regedit -> press CTRL+F (to Find) and type “heap41a” . On getting the results on the right Panel , Delete it. Repeat the Search twice with CTRL+F.
[ Click “YES” on confirmation to delete]

Close the Registry Editor.

Enjoy Surfing with Firefox. Hurray.

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India wins the First 20-20 Cricket World Cup

After 24 years of wait India lifted the First Twenty20 World Cup Trophy @ Johanesburg, South Africa beating his Arch Rival Pakistan by 5 Runs. Leading the team Mahendra Singh Dhoni, The new Captain of Indian Team , Rocks the show. 
India Wins Twewnty20 Cricket World Cup
This moment willl always be remembered through out our life for being the part of it while Watching, Cherishing and enjoying every bit and byte of the match. Irfan Pathan with 3 wickets of 16 declared the Man of the Match. Gautam Gambhir made 75 at Finals
Gautam Gambhir Scored 75 Runs

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New ear phone: Philips

Sunday as usual I was late in opening my eyes, this time it was 8.30 and chinu wake me up, reminding that I have to go to VT for the enquiry about the parcel system through railway.Purchased a PIII CPU with 933Mhz from a old Computer shop to run my Computer again, which will make Chinu busy and watch her favorite DVD.After breakfast and Lunch , a little rest shows the Clock at 4.15 pm. And Chinu get ready for Chembur, Jitus place to meet Suman and Aunty. Both of us went out and she went to Chembur and I headed towards CST(VT) Mumbai Terminus. With in next 3 hours I had enquired about the Parcel system at the railway station, Went to Planet M in the Times Building @ VT, Listen to the new releases for 1 hour including Gulzar-Amrita Pritam Poetic melody, Kailash kher’s Kailasha Jhoomo re, Abijeet Sawants Jonoon and Avril Lavange’s Girl Friend.

Philips Ear Phone Purchased my fourth new ear phonbe, this time it was Philips in-ear headphones with five set of interchangable caps from Planet M. While listning to the iPod I comeback to Room and enjoyed the Grand Finale of Indian Idol 3

Prashant Tamang Indian Idol

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iPhone Crazy

After the Launch of iPhone on 29th of June 2007 in USA, I was waiting for this unique gadget in India. I hope it soon. As far as the news arround, A wait of 7-8 months is on hold. Till that time We would get a very good review of iPhone by the Users in USA.